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Our dental practice in Amarillo, Texas, is home to a team of remarkable dentists and specialists, including pediatric dentists, cosmetic dentists, and oral health experts. We provide dental care to patients of all ages, encouraging healthy and beautiful smiles for life. Our office accepts insurance, many payment options and has financing available to help you afford the oral health treatment you need. 

Our office in Amarillo uses the latest dental technology and proven techniques to improve the health of your smile and achieve aesthetic goals you have for your teeth. We cater to all of your dental needs and offer anesthesia and sedation options to maximize your comfort during treatment. If it’s time for you or your child’s dental checkup or to find out which dental treatment is right for your smile’s needs, contact Full Smile Dental in Amarillo today.

Services at Our Amarillo Office

Our dentists offer many general and cosmetic to patients in Amarillo, TX.

Dental crowns in Dumas, Canyon, Amarillo, Farwell, and Dalhart, TX

Dental Crowns

Dental Cleanings in Dumas, Canyon, Amarillo, Farwell, and Dalhart, TX

Dental Cleanings

Invisalign® clear aligners in Dumas, Canyon, Amarillo, Farwell, and Dalhart, TX


Icon® discolored tooth, white spot treatment in Dumas, Canyon, Amarillo, Farwell, and Dalhart, TX

Icon® Dental Treatmnet

Root canals in Dumas, Canyon, Amarillo, Farwell, and Dalhart, TX

Root Canal Treatment

Dental sealants in Dumas, Canyon, Amarillo, Farwell, and Dalhart, TX

Dental Sealants

Veneers in Dumas, Canyon, Amarillo, Farwell, and Dalhart, TX

Porcelain Veneers

Tooth Whitening in Dumas, Canyon, Amarillo, Farwell, and Dalhart, TX

Zoom® Teeth Whitening

Dental Crowns

We can place a dental crown over a single tooth or multiple teeth that are in need of a makeover, protection, or additional support. A crown is made of ceramic or porcelain, zirconia, gold or metal alloy, composite resin, or a variety of materials and fits around the entire tooth. The type of crown you select will be determined on the location of the tooth that needs the crown, your price range, and how you would like the crown to look.

If you have a large cavity that jeopardizes a tooth’s ability to function, a crown can be placed over it to protect it from further damage. Following root canal treatment, we will place a crown over the affected tooth for protection, as well as for the final step of dental implant placement.

Dental Cleanings

You should see a general dentist for dental cleanings every 6 months. Even if you practice excellent oral hygiene, there may be plaque and tartar present that you cannot see, as well as other oral health issues. At your scheduled cleaning, a dental examiner will remove plaque and tartar from the surfaces of your teeth and look for signs of oral health issues like gingivitis, cavities, or oral disease. When these problems are detected earlier, you can begin treatment right away to yield the most optimal results.

Some people avoid going to the dentist for regular cleanings because they think they are unnecessary. However, professional cleanings are a crucial component of good overall oral health. At Full Smile Dental, we make dental cleanings easy and comfortable for kids and adults. If it’s time for your cleaning, contact us in Amarillo for an appointment.


If you desire straighter teeth but do not want the look and feel of traditional braces, Invisalign may be the right treatment for you. Invisalign is a series of clear retainers that you wear at all times except during meals and brushing. We will provide you with new retainers every few weeks. Over time, your teeth will shift into the desired positions. You can expect to see results in as fast as 6 months.

There is no need for impressions or molds—all scans are digitally made in our office. You can even use Invisalign to correct gap teeth and bite issues including an overbite, underbite, and crossbite. Without brackets or poking wires, you can resume your normal activities while your clear Invisalign retainers work to straighten your teeth.

Icon® Dental Treatmnet

Sometimes after orthodontic treatment, white spots appear on teeth. These spots also occur due to poor oral hygiene or plaque and bacterial buildup. Lesions can appear on the enamel after traumatic injuries as well, resulting in discoloration. Icon dental treatment restores a tooth’s appearance to match your other teeth for a more even appearance.

This minimally invasive procedure involves your dentist etching the tooth and applying a special Icon resin to the tooth’s surface. Once it hardens, your tooth or teeth will look beautiful and the appearance of white spots or lesions will be dramatically reduced. The total process takes about 1 hour and will significantly improve the surfaces of your teeth.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment relieves pain and saves your natural teeth. When the dental pulp within a tooth becomes infected, root canal treatment is necessary to remove the infection and prevent it from damaging the tooth. Within the pulp are nerves and blood vessels. If they become infected, it can become quite painful and even lead to an abscess if the infected pulp is left untreated.

Infected dental pulp is caused by bacteria infiltrating the outer tooth layers, often through a crack or chip. During root canal treatment, we will remove the inflamed and infected areas of the pulp, clean the root canal, and use a filling to fill the now empty pulp cavity. We will place a crown over the tooth to provide additional protection and once complete, your tooth will be saved and function as normal.

Dental Sealants

The molars at the back of your mouth responsible for chewing food have large uneven grooves on the chewing surfaces. These grooves can trap bacteria and plaque, increasing the risk of cavities. Dental sealants can be applied to these chewing surfaces to prevent bacteria from becoming stuck in these grooves and lowering the risk of cavities in the molars. Dental sealants can last up to 9 years, then may need to be touched up by your dentist.

The process of applying dental sealants is quick and noninvasive. Your specialist will apply a special gel to the top of the molars and dry it using a blue light. You will brush and floss your teeth as normal while the sealants provide additional protection to your teeth. Most dentists recommend that children receive dental sealants as soon as the permanent molars develop to start the decay prevention process early.

Porcelain Veneers

A dental veneer is a thin shell that your dentist cements to the front of a tooth. You can receive a veneer on one or many teeth for an improved and more uniform look of your smile. A veneer is made of porcelain or composite resin. Our office in Amarillo provides porcelain veneers, which last several years longer than composite resin veneers and are much more durable. Porcelain veneers also naturally have a more tooth-colored appearance.

We use digital scans to create your personalized veneers. When placing a veneer, your dentist may reshape your existing teeth so the veneer will fit securely, then make adjustments to ensure you are satisfied with the final results. Veneers are great to consider if you would like to improve the overall appearance of your smile or if you would like to treat issues such as misshapen, uneven, or gap teeth.

Zoom® Teeth Whitening

Zoom is a popular process used to correct tooth discoloration. Many factors can contribute to the yellowing of teeth, such as drinking coffee, tea, soda, red wine, using tobacco products, and the natural aging process. Zoom treats these issues using a hydrogen peroxide solution, resulting in a whiter, brighter smile.

Full Smile Dental in Amarillo offers both in-office and at-home teeth whitening kits. The in-office process takes about one hour and involves a specialist applying the special gel to your teeth, then using a light to activate the gel. At-home kits are used whenever you’d like and involve wearing a retainer with the gel inside for as long as recommended by your dentist. Although not as powerful as the in-office solution, at-home kits will also provide beautiful, fast whitening results.

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