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Icon® discolored tooth, white spots treatment in Dumas, Canyon, Amarillo, Farwell, and Dalhart, TX
Icon discolored tooth treatment in Dumas, Canyon, Amarillo, Farwell, and Dalhart, TX

Icon® Dental Treatment

Treatment for White Spots and Tooth Discoloration

Tooth discoloration and white spots can be caused by orthodontic treatment, fluorosis, demineralization, or poor oral hygiene. The cosmetic dentists at Full Smile Dental proudly offer Icon, a micro-invasive way to remove white spots and dental lesions. With Icon, we can treat white spots and discoloration to improve your smile.

If you desire a whiter, more uniform appearance throughout your teeth, contact us to find out how Icon can help. Our experts offer Icon dental treatment in Dumas, Canyon, Amarillo, Farwell, and Dalhart, TX.

How Does Icon Work?

Icon resin infiltration is a minimally invasive cosmetic dental treatment designed to treat white spots and carious lesions, or areas where enamel has broken down. Your dentist will apply Icon to the surface of the tooth with demineralized enamel. Icon will infiltrate the enamel, filling in lesions with a tooth-colored resin.

Unlike a filling, there is no need to drill into the tooth or soft tissues of the mouth. Fluoride therapy is an excellent cavity prevention method and helps protect the enamel. However, it is not always effective at treating more advanced stages of enamel bruising and discoloration. Icon can fill and reinforce enamel in advanced stages while preventing it from worsening.

What to Expect During Icon Dental Treatment

Prior to your treatment at Full Smile Dental, your dentist will explain your options for improving your smile's appearance and determine if Icon is right for you. If so, we will walk you through the steps of treatment. One Icon treatment session lasts about an hour.

We will slightly erode the smooth surface of the affected teeth to expose the porous layer underneath. The resin is applied, which soaks into this porous surface. We will use a light cure to harden the resin and polish the teeth. Once the resin is dry, your brighter, more evenly colored smile is ready for you to enjoy! 

What Causes the White Spots and Discoloration on My Teeth?

White spots occur because of uneven mineralization. This means that some parts of tooth enamel, or surface layer, have more minerals than others, which causes noticeable discoloration. Where there is not enough minerals in deeper portions of the enamel, white spots appear. They are most noticeable when light hits the teeth and scatters across the enamel, revealing these uneven spots.

Benefits of Icon Dental Treatment

There are many wonderful benefits of Icon treatment, including:

  • Minimally invasive treatment; no drilling or anesthesia required
  • Typically, only one visit is necessary
  • Prevent an early cavity from advancing
  • Improve the longevity of a tooth
  • Regain pride in your smile
  • Suitable for children who may not qualify for other cosmetic treatments, such as veneers
  • Results can last for several years

Icon White-Spot and Discolored Tooth Treatment in Dumas, Canyon, Amarillo, Farwell, and Dalhart, TX

Full Smile Dental provides exceptional dental and oral surgery care to patients of all ages. Our team of general and cosmetic dentists, pediatric dentists, and oral surgeons are committed to going beyond the standard of care for every patient. Each of our offices are equipped with advanced technology and accept many forms of payment and financing to make your oral health treatment more affordable. If your teeth have white spots or discoloration, contact our practice to learn about how Icon dental treatment can help. Icon is suitable for both children and adults and can help you take pride in your smile again.

Frequently Asked Questions: Icon Dental Treatment

How Long Does Icon Treatment last?

Your results will be immediate and will last for several years before needing a touch-up.

How Much Does Icon Dental Treatment Cost?

The cost of treating your teeth with Icon depends on how many teeth you need treated and the overall complexity of your dental health. We will provide you with a cost estimate for your Icon treatment during the consultation.

Can You Whiten Teeth After Icon Treatment?

You should avoid teeth whitening treatment shortly after Icon as this can make white spots reappear. Your dentist can provide touch-ups with Icon every few years for a continuously even smile.

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