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Meet Steve

Video Review

Steve felt comfortable at the office and everybody always knew his name. After receiving dental crowns, he felt more confident in his ability to smile.

Meet Steve

Steve's Story

"Hi, my name is Steve and I’m from Amarillo, and I came to Full Smile Dental to get some dental crowns. Coming into this practice, the team greets you. Everybody here knows my name. The doctors at Full Smile make me feel comfortable, they make me feel relaxed, and they make me feel confident after I’ve left that my smile will look good. My experience with the doctors at Full Smile Dental has been so good, it just keeps me coming back. After my treatment and getting crowns at Full Smile Dental, I felt more confident in my ability to smile. I would recommend the team at Full Smile Dental because of their competence and confidence they put in me when I go back out into the world."

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