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Meet Angie

Video Review

Angie felt comfortable around the friendly and welcoming staff. Full Smile Dental gave her the perfect smile, and she’s excited to be able to express herself.

Meet Angie

Angie's Story

"Hi, my name is Angie, and I’m from Amarillo and I came to Full Smile Dental to get crowns. When I first walked into Full Smile Dental, I felt excited knowing that I was going to gain my confidence back. Everybody here was so welcoming and friendly—very approachable. I felt comfortable from the get-go. The doctors made me feel confident that I was going to get the best results possible. The treatment went very well. It was very quickly done, and the results were amazing. To have a healthy smile now makes me feel very confident, secure, energized, and excited to be able to express myself. Overall, I had an exceptional experience here and I would absolutely recommend Full Smile Dental to anyone. Full Smile Dental gave me the perfect smile and they can do the same for you."

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