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Meet KO

Video Review

KO comes to this practice for dental cleanings and they always remember her name. She is happy about every outcome and looks forward to her appointments.

Meet KO

KO's Story

"Hi, my name is KO and I’m from Amarillo, and I come to Full Smile Dental to get teeth cleanings. When I first walked into Full Smile Dental, the first thing I noticed was how beautiful, clean, and bright everything was. The doctors here are very comforting. They are professional. They get straight to the point. I know that they always have my best interests at heart. The staff here are friendly. They have a smile on their face. They’re always welcoming, ask me how I’m doing, and they always remember my name. All my treatments here are always successful and I’m definitely happy about every outcome. This practice is truly special and I look forward to coming every time. I highly recommend the team at Full Smile Dental."

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