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Meet Bo

Video Review

Bo sees the dentists at Full Smile Dental for regular checkups and cleanings. The quality of care he receives is amazing, and he is so happy with his smile.

Meet Bo

Bo's Story

"Hi, my name is Bo and I’m from Amarillo, and I come to Full Smile Dental to get cleanings and checkups. When I first came here, everybody here was so friendly and caring. All of the doctors here go out of their way to put me at ease. The doctors make me feel like everything is going to be great and the outcome is going to be really good. And in my experience, it always is. The staff is very competent and friendly and caring. Every treatment I’ve ever had has been successful, and I’ve always been happy with the outcome. To my friends and family in Amarillo that need dental treatments, I recommend Full Smile Dental. The level and quality of care is amazing and I’m so happy with my smile."

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