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Osteogenesis in Dumas, Canyon, Amarillo, Farwell, and Dalhart, TX
Osteogenesis in Dumas, Canyon, Amarillo, Farwell, and Dalhart, TX

Distraction Osteogenesis

Oral & Facial Bone Regeneration

Distraction osteogenesis is an effective method of treatment for repairing facial deformities or defects of the facial skeleton. This procedure eliminates the need for a second surgical site to harvest material for a bone graft and is ideal for patients in need of significant bone regeneration. Contact our dental and oral surgery experts at Full Smile Dental to learn more about distraction osteogenesis in Dumas, Canyon, Amarillo, Farwell, and Dalhart, TX. 

How Does Distraction Osteogenesis Work? 

Distraction osteogenesis works by slowly separating bony segments, allowing new bone to form in between the segments. A small distraction device is used to separate the bone, controlling the exact amount of space created for the new bone to form. 

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons often use this technique to repair facial abnormalities or to produce more bone in the jaw. The newly formed bone can serve as an excellent foundation for dental implants or a new arch of teeth with full-arch restoration. 

Benefits of Distraction Osteogenesis

This method offers many benefits over traditional forms of bone regeneration, including: 

  • Less pain and swelling compared to more traditional treatments 
  • Eliminates the need for bone grafts
  • Bone regeneration is slower and more controlled 
  • Suitable for patients of all ages
  • No scars or incisions are made outside of the mouth

The Distraction Osteogenesis Procedure

This procedure is often performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia. This allows you to sleep comfortably during the procedure. Several visits are required for this treatment: one to place the device, periodic visits as necessary to adjust the device, and a minor procedure to remove the device once treatment is complete.

During the first surgical visit, your surgeon will insert the distraction device while you are under anesthesia. As instructed by your surgeon, you will return to one of our offices to have the device gradually adjusted. Many patients do not report a significant amount of pain with this treatment and compare it to the feeling of having braces tightened. 

Over time, new bone will form in the space created by the device. Once you have achieved the desired amount of bone, your surgeon will remove the device and your treatment will be complete. Distraction osteogenesis is often a part of a larger treatment plan involving implant-based tooth restoration, orthognathic surgery, or other craniofacial conditions.

Distraction Osteogenesis in Dumas, Canyon, Amarillo, Farwell, and Dalhart, TX

Full Smile Dental provides exceptional dental and oral surgery care to patients of all ages. Our team of general and cosmetic dentists, pediatric dentists, and oral surgeons are committed to going beyond the standard of care for every patient. Each of our offices are equipped with advanced technology and accept many forms of payment and financing to make your oral health treatment more affordable. Our experts use distraction osteogenesis techniques to correct facial conditions, prepare the mouth for dental implants or orthognathic surgery, and improve overall oral health. Distraction osteogenesis at Full Smile Dental is a safe and effective bone regeneration method suitable for patients of all ages.

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