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Bone grafting in Dumas, Canyon, Amarillo, Farwell, and Dalhart, TX
Bone grafting in Dumas, Canyon, Amarillo, Farwell, and Dalhart, TX

Bone Grafting

Effectively Restore Lost Facial Bone

Jaw bone loss can be a result of missing teeth, gum disease, or facial injuries. Strong jaw bone is essential to properly functioning teeth, facial harmony, and overall good oral health. If your jaw bone has weakened, the oral surgeons at Full Smile Dental offer a variety of bone grafting treatments to repair bone and help more patients qualify for implant-based treatments. Contact us to learn more about bone grafting in Dumas, Canyon, Amarillo, Farwell, and Dalhart, TX.

How Does Bone Grafting Work? 

A bone graft is made of tiny granules, minerals, and synthetic bone. Once the material is applied, your surgeon will suture the gums to protect the area. After it is inserted, your natural bone will heal over the graft. You can receive a bone graft anywhere in the jaw that requires more bone. There are many benefits to this bone regeneration treatment, including: 

  • More patients can qualify for implant-based treatments 
  • Restore bone that has deteriorated due to tooth loss, disease, or certain medications 
  • Improve the aesthetics of future restorative treatments 
  • Improve overall oral health

Types of Bone Grafting

There are many types of bone grafting treatments available. Your surgeon will assess your needs and determine the right type of treatment for you. Some types of bone grafting methods available at Full Smile Dental include: 

Sinus Lift

Sinuses are hollow areas above the upper teeth on either side of the nose. If you need a dental implant on the upper arch of your teeth, it is sometimes difficult without breaching the sinus cavity. A sinus lift is a procedure in which a bone graft is placed between the molars and sinuses. 

Socket Preservation 

After a tooth is extracted or is knocked out, the empty tooth socket can resorb rapidly. A socket preservation prevents bone loss from occurring and is ideal if you plan to have a tooth extracted but do not plan on replacing it with a dental implant immediately. 

Ridge Expansion 

If bone has severely resorbed, the ridge that once held teeth can become too small to hold dental implants. During a ridge expansion, your surgeon divides the ridge bone and inserts grafting material. This expands the ridge, making space for future placement of implants. 

Major Bone Grafting

Major grafting is sometimes required to treat facial trauma, large surgical sites, or birth conditions in which the facial structure was compromised. Your surgeon will use bone from another part of your body combined with special membranes to help the graft heal. This promotes both bone and soft tissue regeneration.

Bone Grafting in Dumas, Canyon, Amarillo, Farwell, and Dalhart, TX

Full Smile Dental provides exceptional dental and oral surgery care to patients of all ages. Our team of general and cosmetic dentists, pediatric dentists, and oral surgeons are committed to going beyond the standard of care for every patient. Each of our offices are equipped with advanced technology and accept many forms of payment and financing to make your oral health treatment more affordable. Our experts offer many bone grafting treatments to help more patients qualify for dental implants and rebuild more cases of lost jaw bone. If you’ve experienced weakened jaw bone, Full Smile Dental is here to help with advanced and proven bone grafting techniques.

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