Pediatric Dentistry

Healthy Teeth and Dental Care for Children

Good oral health should be included in the lives of everyone from infancy through adulthood. In fact, a baby should first see a dentist around the age of 1 or when baby teeth begin to erupt in the mouth. As children grow, it's important to ensure their teeth are healthy to prevent complications with the development of adult teeth.

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, children should see a pediatric dentist every 6 months. At Full Smile Dental, we provide pediatric oral health care to children and young teens in a safe, fun, and educational environment. If it's time for your child to see the dentist, please contact our offices in Amarillo, Dumas, Canyon, Farwell, and Dalhart, TX for an appointment with our team.

As pediatric dentists, we are qualified to care for children's dental needs from birth through adolescence, including those with special needs. We welcome every child in need of dental care and encourage you to schedule a visit to ensure the health of your child's smile.

Why Care for Baby Teeth?

Many people disregard proper care of baby teeth because they end up falling out. A child's baby teeth will typically erupt around 6 months of age, and the baby teeth will start to fall out around age 6 or 7. However, just because these teeth will fall out eventually does not mean they should not be taken care of.

Baby teeth are important because they help a child properly eat, chew, and speak. If a baby tooth falls out too early, the permanent tooth underneath may drift into the open space. If baby teeth do not fall out in time, the adult teeth may erupt improperly and grow crooked.

Even babies need routine oral care. Use a moist gauze or washcloth to wipe your baby’s gums and switch to a baby toothbrush as soon as teeth appear. By not brushing your child's teeth, plaque from food, formula, and juice can build up, causing decay or infection. Teaching your child good brushing habits and showing them the importance of good dental hygiene provides skills that will last them for life.

Bringing your child to a pediatric dentist early ensures the proper development and hygiene of the baby teeth. Your dentist will take X-rays of the child's mouth and look for signs of any problems. Starting an infant off with good oral health care can protect their teeth for years to come.

Pediatric Dental Services

Depending on your child's needs, we will perform the right dental treatment for their health. Our specialists will closely evaluate your child's oral health and determine the right type of treatment. There are a variety of pediatric dental services available at Full Smile Dental, including:

  • During preventive care visits, we will scrape plaque and tartar off of the child's teeth and floss between each tooth. We evaluate the gums for signs of gingivitis, rinse the mouth, and may perform a fluoride treatment.
  • During infant oral health exams, a dentist examines a baby's mouth, teeth, and gums. We look for warning signs of possible problems and make sure the baby teeth are developing and erupting properly.
  • Habit counseling helps children who excessively use pacifiers or suck on their thumbs.
  • Cavities, tooth decay, or broken teeth may require fillings.
  • As we monitor the child's developing teeth, we can predict alignment issues and plan for orthodontic treatment.
  • Any knocked-out teeth or injuries will require immediate dental trauma care to preserve the child's tooth.

Our dentists offer several options for anesthesia and sedation to ensure the comfort of your child. Ask us about the right option for your child during the consultation.

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